Camping 2014!

We went finally went camping! We average about once a year, and we got in right under the wire. It turns out this weekend was the last that most of the camping grounds will be open. We went to the Mt. Timpanogos camping ground. I have passed the site bunches of times and have always wanted to stay there. So last night I finally did. Our site:

We got the tents up and the fire started. Then we had dinner. A hot dog roast! 
With all the fixings. 
Mirah was so CUTE. She ate a million Doritos. Her face was orange and cheesy. 

After dinner popcorn and s’mores!

We gave the kids glow sticks and flashlights. It was really fun. 

All the kids are in about the same place with potty training, and the GENIUS Betsy brought a potty with us. 
After potty time, we got dressed and ready for bedtime, but not ready for bed yet. 


The fire was down to embers. 
It was getting cold. 

We got into the tent. The boys joined us for a little while. 

Around 2 AM I woke up and basically spent the rest of the night awake. I hate sleeping outside, I want to love it. I love to camp. I hate to sleep outside. I know, it sounds dumb.
My saving grace, was the ipad above me. 
Karl had slpet pretty well, but it was still pretty early for him. 

Mirah too. 

The AM potty time was the only evidence of the late night visitors that kept me up all night. Yeah, raccoons.  
They boys were up early too. 
We got going on breakfast. 

Boiled omelets!

While we waited for breakfast to be done, the kids did some coloring. 

Omelets ready!

Sweet Judah. 

After breakfast we got all cleaned up. 

After taking all of these family pictures Judah wanted to take more pictures. Of our feet. 
Of our hands. 
Of everyone’s eyes. 

Little cuties. 

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