New Neighbor Buddy

So on Friday afternoon while waiting for Karl to get home, Mirah and I were sitting and playing in the courtyard. We have some new neighbors across the way and they have a little girl named Rose who is Mirah’s age. One of our other neighbors has a little girl who just turned one, and they had been playing in their splash pool that afternoon. The girls started to play with the water, and after about ten minutes, they both ended up getting in. 
It started with just hands, then feet, then faces, then they just got totally in. 

The funniest thing was that their diapers got totally FULL of water. 

So much so that they started to sag off of them. 
Mirah was getting cold and we needed to get going so we went in. 
Excited to have a little girl Mirah’s age to play with right across the courtyard. 

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