First Day of School, Celebration

FIRST GRADE!!! Official!

Going into structured mornings is tough. But we had smiles on our faces and were ready for the challenge!

IMG_5564.JPG IMG_5565.JPG

So fights over this and that, and chores.

IMG_5566.JPG IMG_5569.JPG IMG_5571.JPG

Karl got up early and made some amazing pancakes.

IMG_5572.JPG IMG_5573.JPG
IMG_5574.JPG IMG_5575.JPG

Picture time at the door!

IMG_5577.JPG IMG_5578.JPG
IMG_5630.JPG IMG_5628.JPG
IMG_5579.JPG IMG_5580.JPG
IMG_5582.JPG IMG_5581.JPG
IMG_5583.JPG IMG_5585.JPG
IMG_5627.JPG IMG_5631.JPG
IMG_5586.JPG IMG_5587.JPG
IMG_5588.JPG IMG_5589.JPG
IMG_5590.JPG IMG_5629.JPG

Goodbye to Dad!

IMG_5591.JPG IMG_5592.JPG

When we got to the school, the red carpet was out! Everyone was there!

IMG_5595.JPG IMG_5596.JPG
IMG_5598.JPG IMG_5601.JPG
IMG_5603.JPG IMG_5605.JPG
IMG_5608.JPG IMG_5609.JPG

Lucas was excited to get high fives too.

Mirah and Mr. Watts.

IMG_5613.JPG IMG_5614.JPG

We met the cougar again… then the kids lined up next to the pictures of their teachers. Mirah met up with her buddy Farah from her soccer team.

IMG_5612.JPG IMG_5615.JPG
IMG_5619.JPG IMG_5617.JPG

Flynn and Tayden from kindergarten were in her class too!

Time to line up!


Lucas was so sad to say goodbye to Mirah. But his sadness was short lived by the visit to the park with his buddy Dane we had. They ran around the gardens at Nelsen’s Grove and had a blast.

IMG_5632.JPG IMG_5633.JPG
IMG_5634.JPG IMG_5635.JPG

So big day for everyone!



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