Qualtrics “Summer” Party

Even though it was the evening of the first day of school, it was still summer-because Qualtrics said so.


They pulled out all the stops this year, even elephants to take your picture with!

IMG_5648.JPG IMG_5646.JPG
 IMG_5645.JPG  IMG_5649.JPG

First stop the ferris wheel! I love my family sooooo much!

IMG_5652.JPG IMG_5653.JPG

We had to spilt up, Mirah and me in one cart, Karl and Lucas in the other.

IMG_5654.JPG IMG_5657.JPG
IMG_5655.JPG  IMG_5756.JPG

The view from the top was great.



Then we got on the spinner!!

IMG_5671.JPG IMG_5663.JPG
IMG_5754.JPG IMG_5664.JPG


IMG_5755.JPG IMG_5666.JPG
IMG_5667.JPG IMG_5668.JPG
IMG_5669.JPG IMG_5670.JPG


Next, face paint time!!

IMG_5679.JPG IMG_5745.JPG

Luke decided to be Spider Man!

IMG_0771.JPG IMG_0773.JPG

Mirah stuck with tradition…a Butterfly.

IMG_5677.JPG IMG_5680.JPG
IMG_5682.JPG  IMG_5752.JPG

 He was very happy with the result.

IMG_5683.JPG  IMG_5684.JPG

My cuties!!!!

IMG_5685.JPG IMG_5687.JPG
IMG_5753.JPG IMG_5746.JPG

Balloon animals were happening…

IMG_5688.JPG IMG_5689.JPG


IMG_5692.JPG IMG_5693.JPG
IMG_5757.JPG  IMG_5690-ANIMATION.gif

We all looked so good, we went to the photo booth…as soon as we had out snow cones.

IMG_5696.JPG IMG_5699.JPG
IMG_5758.JPG IMG_5697-COLLAGE.jpg


IMG_5703.JPG IMG_5704.JPG


IMG_5705.JPG IMG_5706.JPG
IMG_5750.JPG IMG_5707.JPG

Time for dinner! There were something like 15 food trucks.

IMG_5709.JPG IMG_5710.JPG


IMG_5711.JPG IMG_5713.JPG
IMG_5721.JPG IMG_5714.JPG

Lucas was upset. And cried off his make up.

IMG_5715.JPG IMG_5716.JPG
IMG_5717.JPG IMG_5718.JPG

He wanted a lemonade…so did I.

IMG_5719.JPG IMG_5720.JPG

The lemonade line was long, so the kids went on some rides with out me.

IMG_0774.JPG IMG_0775.JPG
IMG_0776.JPG IMG_0777.JPG


IMG_0779.JPG IMG_0781.JPG


IMG_0791.JPG IMG_5725.JPG
IMG_0794.JPG IMG_0795.JPG
IMG_5724.JPG  IMG_5722.JPG

The call for the finale was there. We watched the fire dancers.

IMG_5727.JPG IMG_5728.JPG


Fire works time!!

IMG_5731.JPG IMG_5732.JPG


IMG_5733.JPG IMG_5735.JPG
IMG_5751.JPG IMG_5735.JPG

As tradition dictated…Lucas fell asleep during the fireworks.

IMG_5739.JPG IMG_5740.JPG

It was a pretty great night.

IMG_5742.JPG IMG_5747.JPG


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