Fare thee well Garden, Until Next Year

Mirah and I went out with our hats and garden equipment.
Here is Mirah saying, “Come on Mom!”
We headed out. I had already cleared out the Sweat peas, the flowers, a couple of tomatoes plants. 
4 Tomato plants next to the house. 
8 cucumber plants.
On the other end of the courtyard I had already pulled the squash bushes. I had three this year. One white butter nut squash. A yellow squash and a zucchini. I only got three zucchini all sumer and no yellow squash. The white butter nut squash plant got HUGE. It took over the who corner of the garden so after giving me 6 squash I pulled it. It was HUGE. It took me two trips to the dumpster to get rid of it. Also, something to remember for next year: WEAR GLOVES when pulling squash plants out of the garden. They are covered in little stickers.  
I also had something like 6 watermelon plants. And no watermelons. They just got totally over taken by  that butternut squash. And tomatoes. 
I think I had 8-12 tomato plants at that end of the garden. I pulled a few of them a couple of weeks ago. So I pulle the remaining plants and loaded them in to this cart we borrowed from my boss:

Mirah was starting to loose interest in the Garden so it was fun for her to take a ride on our pile of tomato plants. 

Between the two spots, it took two trips. 
I used a black tarp on this end of the garden. 
Great things about Tarp
1. Required less water. 
2. Got nice and hot so the tomatoes over there got HUGE fast. 
3. No WEEDING! Yes!
4. Clean up was so easy in the end. I just rolled up the tarp and took all of the garbage away. 
Bad things about the tarp:
1. It got REALLY hot. So no matter how often I watered the planted would get kind of burned up. 
2. I don’t think the the zucchini liked all of that heat. The squash on the end however really liked it. It might have been time of day when the sun was on the squash. 
Anyway, the clean up was really simple. 
Looked all good in like 45 minutes. 

A different view of the garden down at the apartment. 

The good harvest of tomatoes. Mirah kept them for me in her little wheelbarrow. 
No tarp and Cherry tomatoes are a mess. 
This is something that I always seem to forget. I had three cherry tomato plants this year, and it was a holy mess: 

I left one tomato plant and my red bell pepper plant that still hasn’t given me any peppers. There are three peppers on the plant and they are still green. Man!  The Celebrity plant is heavy with tomatoes. Two are almost ready and the green tomatoes on the plant are starting to turn orange. We will see what happens. But for the most part. The garden is done, once the frost sets in, I will pull my last couple of plants. Which will probably be in a couple of weeks. 

My cumber plants took FOREVER to yield this summer.
Lots of onions. They have been really good too. 
Learned lots this year.
Excited to try again.
Garden #6 comes to an end. 

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