Antelope Island

Since we were so far north we headed out to one of our Utah bucket lists:

It was pretty rockin’! If you have a chance, you should check it out.
The warning at the gate should have tipped us off at how awesome it was going to be. 
As we drove across the causeway we enjoyed the amazing views. 

As we got into the park, there were Bison statutes. I had no idea how many Bison there were on the island. Or that they were even there. 

Depending on the area, there were these terrible flies that would land on you. 
Then there were other areas you didn’t even notice them. 

Mirah was mad here because the statue was hot. 
Baby bison. 
We took a walk and enjoyed the AMAZING weather. 

We encountered our first view of the Bison. 
Suddenly behind us there was a little visitor walking across the road. 
Grazing near the beach. 

There were HUGE mountain like hills all over the island.
Our first antelope sighting on our way over to have some lunch!

We went to the Island Buffalo Grill. 

We ordered a couple of buffalo burgers and a grilled cheese for Mirah. 
Our table looked over the water, onto the beach. 

Mirah’s lunch. 
My lunch. Real buffalo. It was pretty good. It takes like gamey lean beef. 

We were all feeling so sleepy, so we headed back home. 

Last looks.

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