New Years Eve

Since we got home late on Saturday night, and Lucas was sick, and the house is nuts, I spent the morning running errands of cleaning the car and grocery store and sending packages. It was nuts.

Karl had work to do, so we stayed home and I took the kids.

I came practically running in to put away groceries and organize a few things like gifts for the Reddochs. While I was out, I got a text from Malia. We had planned on meeting up for lunch, then we got word poor Malia was having trouble breathing and had a temp of 103 after meds. She was going to bring Judah and Asher to the movies, but she and Betsy were on there way to the Hospital and Nick was not ready to go without them.

So we pivitoed and ended up going to lunch at this great place called Cafe Trang.

It was a take away Vietnamese place. SO great!

IMG_9945.JPG IMG_9943.JPG
IMG_9944.JPG IMG_9942.JPG

It was like Subway for Vietnamese food.

IMG_9940.JPG IMG_9941.JPG

Lucas didn’t want to be pictured here.

IMG_9930.JPG IMG_9931.JPG

I got him.

IMG_9936.JPG IMG_9937.JPG

Mirah ate almost every bite of hers. Lucas needed help, but loved it.

IMG_9938.JPG IMG_9939.JPG

Me and my buddy.


Nick dropped the boys off and we had them for the movie.

IMG_9947.JPG IMG_9946.JPG


It was not a great experience for me. The movie was fun, but I was sitting right next to a child who had nothing but complaints the WHOLE time. I was more stressed after we were done. I had to lie down when we got home.

Mirah however got ready for the party, and made, in true Mirah fashion, some sweet signs.


We had a party with the Whitmores!

IMG_9949.JPG IMG_9950.JPG

Oh Zac.

IMG_9952.JPG IMG_9953.JPG

After a dinner of Nachos and bean dip-we played games then did our countdown with bottles and bottles of party juice!

IMG_9954.JPG IMG_9955.JPG

We put the kids to bed, and stayed up and played!!

IMG_9958.JPG IMG_9959.JPG

More dip, more party juice and of course laughter.

We were up and rang in the new year together.

A pretty perfect night.

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