Getting Home to Belle, Adam, and Ruby

We got home from the trip on Saturday night at 8:30. The kids were fried, but they wanted to stay up and see Aunt Belle and Uncle Adam!

Luckily they did, because they had presents!

IMG_9911.JPG IMG_9913.JPG
IMG_9914.JPG IMG_9915.JPG
IMG_9917.JPG IMG_9916.JPG

Luke wasn’t feeling super well, and he was not sure about Ruby.

I really love her though.

IMG_9919.JPG IMG_9920.JPG

We put the kids to bed, and stayed up playing Smash brothers. I was CRYING with exhaustion, so I passed out.

Only to be startled awake by Lucas at 6:45 who had been woken up by his aunt and uncle getting ready to leave downstairs. Within minutes we were all up so hang out and say goodbye.

IMG_9921.JPG IMG_9922.JPG IMG_9923.JPG

Ruby didn’t want to get back into the car.


It was a gloomy morning and Lucas was still sick. So Karl and Luke stayed home from church.

IMG_9925.JPG IMG_9926.JPG

Mirah spent the whole morning coloring her new tent from Auntie Belle.

IMG_9927.JPG IMG_9928.JPG

Home again home again.

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