Driving Home-Sigh

After a late night of Hand and Foot playing and a wrestles night of worrying about missing the alarm I was up by 5:30, dressed and ready to go. We were off by 6:00.

We drove through the Mexican dessert in the dark, and the sight of the sun rising over theĀ saguaro cacti.

IMG_9883.JPG IMG_9888.JPG

We crossed the boarder around 7:30 and were finally up to speed. We took it really slowly, minding the speed limits, we had no desire to be bothered by the Policia. We were there early enough that we had virtually no wait.


Another 40 minutes passed, and Mirah asked, “Why are they having a wedding in the middle of the road?”

As we approached this:


It was one of three boarder patrol stops.

We got to Phoenix and stopped for gas and met this guy:

A Bernadoodle. Have St. Bernard half poodle, ALL HUGE!

IMG_9892.JPG IMG_9893.JPG

We stopped again pretty soon after that for another bathroom break, and finally got a chance to look at a few huge saguaro up close.

IMG_9895.JPG IMG_9896.JPG
IMG_9897.JPG IMG_9898.JPG

Mirah needed to make the stop so Karl took her in, and Lucas and I goofed around.

IMG_9902.JPG IMG_9901.JPG
IMG_9903.JPG IMG_9904.JPG

Out again…

IMG_9905.JPG IMG_9906.JPG
IMG_9907.JPG IMG_9908.JPG
IMG_9909.JPG IMG_9910.PNG

It was a pretty uneventful trip. 14 and a half hours in the car.

We were BEAT by the time we got home, and had some visitors waiting for us when we got there.

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