The Happs

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. It is weird that I haven’t posted anything on my blog since so much has been going on.

I will be adding several posts with some of the big things, but I also think that it is good every now and then to add the little moments to give a good memory about things going on day to day.

This picture show two things going on.
1. Our parking lot has been being re-paved (you can see it in the background). It has been rather inconvenient. Leaving us with no covered parking and having to haul Mirah and groceries three times as far. It is finally finished and I am so happy. Grateful for pavement, covered parking, near my apartment.
2. Started pulling out the garden. This was my golden pear tomato bush…8-12 feet of tomato vines, conservatively.

Mirah and I discovered a new game of our home made water table. 

Mom and Mirah selfie!!!

Going to the park has SAVED us this week. Mirah loves her little buddies Wesley and Sarina.
They all go to nursery together and are really starting to play well together. 
Mirah has started to want to wait on the porch for Karl to come home in the evenings. 
One evening we waited, and we played around catching cherry tomatoes after throwing them as high as we can.  

Finally we have been hanging out with Cam, Kelly and Maryn a bit lately. We had dinner with her them one Sunday evening and then Maryn came over too. 
In other new potty training is going well.
Mirah always picks panties over pull ups. Here she is sporting her super girl panties.

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