Broken Window

So, early one morning a couple of weeks ago Karl came out to a broken window. 
The back driver side window. For reasons unknown and with object undiscovered someone just broke the window. 
Glass everywhere. 
I just got the dumb thing registered. We just went over and over again about some required repairs. Thankfully, Karl is amazing and just decided to fix it himself. 
We headed out on a Saturday morning to get the new glass.

It actually took a couple of weekends after the accident. We tried looking in Utah Valley but ended up having to expand our search to SL valley. The Pick A Part had an age requirement. 16 and older.
Mirah and I waited in the car and watched Adventure Time on my phone. 

Quciker than you would beleive Karl was back with a perfect piece of glass!

With out the window…

About an hour later…
Good as new.
Life lesson:
Buy a common car, that is easy to fix. 

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