Betsy’s Graduation

Here’s a shout out of congratulations to Betsy Hite Reddoch for GRADUATING today!
Nick, Karl and I were there to cheer her on!
The speakers were nice, and brief. 
Betsy is thrid row back, thrid hat in. She has a white tassel. 
Musical number…The Call. 

Then the walk!
Getting a good shot was hard! We had to stay in the little area and I was fighting with other family members to get a good view. 

Post graduation photo shoot!!!

As we walked over toward the bells a lady bug landed on Betsy’s shoulder!
A sign of good luck in things to come!

Nick supporting Betsy. 

Afterwards we stopped at Swig for a post graduation treat and a talk about the future. 

Mirah was with Krysta the angel from heaven so we picked her up with Karen and we all went out to dinner at this interesting Healthy Mediterranean place. Probably not a repeat from me. But nice to be together. 
After dinner we all went to the Reddoch’s house. 
We had ice cream from the Creamery on cookies. 

Congratulations Betsy!

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