Motra Party!

Quick back story.
I was a missionary in this amazing little country called Albania. Nearly 10 years ago. 

 Here I was back then:

I have just so many things I could say about that wonderful country, but I will spare you all of that and say that hands down one of my favorite things about serving in Albania were the friends that I made there.
Especially these people:

 Not the people in the mural, the girls at the bottom.

What an amazing experience. Ten year have gone by and all of our lives have changed. From time to time we find a way to all get together. I think that the last time there was a gathering was…hmm…I am not sure. There have been many reunions over the years.
Wendy’s Wedding:

My Wedding:

Albanian Food times.

 Pres Clayton’s homecoming.

But I feel like so much has happened since we last got together. Here we were yesterday:

Well, some of us. But the largest Motra gathering from our generation for YEARS.
Namely, Wendy, Sheana, Krysta, Nicole, Sarah, and me.

Here we all were at one point or another in Albania:

The gathering was to be in Kaysville, at Motra White’s house. It is about an hour away from us in GOOD traffic.  I almost backed out like an IDOIOT. But in the end I was able to arrange my affairs to get out there. Karen, Krysta, Mirah and I drove out together.

Slowly the group began to arrive. The kids didn’t waste any time getting to know one another.
Here is Karen, trying to give me a silly face while I take her picture.

 A note on Mirah.

 She is becoming more and more girl. It is always funny to see what toys she chooses at other people’s houses. At Morta White’s house:
A fairy want and a butterfly purse. Yeah, she chose it.

Later on she chose this little pink stroller and a Hello Kitty bag, so she at least mixed things up.

So people who were there:
As I mentioned Krysta was there:

Here we are with one of our most beloved and memorable investigators Silva.

Just for fun, here she is with Whitey and their first loves, Coca Cola Light:

 My trainer, or as we said in Albania, Mami ime, Motra Uendi. Wendy Carr Weitzel. 

Here were are as missionaries. If memory serves, this was the day she was transferred to Durres.

The of course there were

Switzy and Whitey. 
Shena Switzer and Nicole White Moultrie
(Quick note, none of my pictures of us turned out… 🙁 so I put them all up so you get the idea.) 

 Were first met when we were companions in the Provo MTC.

 There were many more meet ups in Albania. 

 Sarah my heart Smallcomb was also in town from California!

Here are some of my BEST pictures of her in Albania.

We severed together twice. Once in the middle of my mission. And once at the end when she killed me. 😉

The biggest change of course is all of the kids. It was so much fun to sit and gab out on the porch while the kids played like maniacs in the water.

This litte girl is Nicole’s daughter Charile. She is just about Mirah’s age.

 These two little gentelmen are Graham, Nicole’s son, and Reese, Wendy’s son.

 Here is Wendy with her other two adorable kids Amelia and Jude.

 Being the perfect age of 9 months old, we were all really enjoying holding this little guy.



Periodically Mirah, Karen and Charlie would disappear and I would find them all playing together in the basement.

 As we were getting ready to go we got the girls all lined up together:

Maybe the next generation of sister missionaries? 
It was so lovely to be together. I left thinking about the past 10 years and feeling so grateful for the things I have experience and the people in my life. 

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  1. This is my favorite post ever!! I just love your face Pippi. I will always be your buddy! Bless you for teaching me to be a better person, and for loving me for my many faults. I consider you my greatest blessing from my mission.

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