Karl’s Birthday

Yeah, he turned 30. So hansom. So wonderful. So glad this guy is my husband. 
We love birthdays in this family, so we made a weekend of it. 
Friday night we went out!
Dinner at Mountain West Burrito. 
Then on to Savory Sweet for Karl’s Favorite dessert:
Then to an AWESOME movie. 
Flash forward to early Saturday morning.
Krysta, Me and Karl on a ski lift at Sundance. 
We were going mountain biking! 
The weather was fine, the air was clear, and it was so green. 
Then I took my first spill of the day.
But, back up on the bike again!
Karl and Me!
What a GORGEOUS day! What a beautiful place. 
We stopped and adjusted…
Took a sweet shot! Krysta photo bomb. 

We made it down.
We road the lift up, Karl took a ride down while Krysta and I went down on the list. Look closely, and you can see him!
Lunch burgers, salad, and shakes at JCW’s.
I mean look at these fries!

We went home and did some chores. Karl and Mirah napped (and Mirah smeared poop everywhere)
I unloaded the garden again of all of these lovely tomatoes:
In order to get ready for this:
I got Karl a sweet cheese making kit for his birthday. So we had a cheese making party for his birthday. It was The Reddoch’s minus Nick, (He is on a film shoot for the next couple of weeks) and the Whitemore’s minus Zac (He was at work).
After some sweet cheeses, we had a tres leche cake and opened presents. 

Judah and Asher were super excited to give Karl their gifts. 
Asher wanted to share this gift.

Super fun day. 

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