The Kids Tonight

When spent the evening at the Reddoch’s house. Mostly just sitting around and talking. The kids were in a crazy mood tonight and we caught some of it on camera.
These are the new halloween baskets that Grandma Hite made for the kids like champions. Mirah got one too, it is a girl pumpkin, so cute. The boys just wanted to wear them as hats.

We went to dinner at Cubby’s and all of us were super Hangry.
After eating we were all in a better mood. Karl even had a BURGER. And the tooth was awesome.

Oh, and this is Zac, Malia’s boyfriend. He a rad dude who is living in Hilsboro now, but was born and raised in Ghana. He is a PhD candidate at Portland State University and is studying City Planing, the title is different though. What is it Malia?? Poor guy was ill today. We think that he was having altitude sickness. Even so he was super sweet with little Mirah. They sat and draw together.

We watched a chopped and hung out.
A nice Lazy evening. 

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