Day After Christmas

Mirah still had her Christmas hair.

We went out for breakfast. We had heard about this German Bakery place called Kaffee Haus.

IMG_9717.JPG IMG_9719.JPG

We were worried it still might be closed for Christmas time. But instead it was FULL of people.

IMG_9720.JPG IMG_9721.JPG

After a short wait we got a table.


I ordered the hot chocolate, and it turned out to be the largest hot chocolate I have ever seen.

IMG_9725.JPG IMG_9728.JPG

My boys.

IMG_9730.JPG IMG_9731.JPG

My breakfast came:



Me and my lady:


Malia and all of her Pesos!


Another Lazy day of napping and swimming.

I was feeling sick, and my legs were bruised from constantly running into the bed.


I laid down for a nap, and Karl and Malia and the kids went out for find some tacos for dinner while I rested.

We had passed this place a couple of times.


The came home with dinner of Tacos. YUM.

IMG_9737.JPG IMG_9740.JPG

We watched the sun set from the balcony.

Another nice day in the bank

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