Museum of Curiosity with Cousins

We met up with our cousins again today! We met at one of our favorite places. Lucas’s favorite spot, the auto center…he takes the wheels on and off of this car. He could stay here the whole time!

IMG_5769.JPG IMG_5770.JPG

Mirah discovered the green screen. She was swimming with sharks.

IMG_5774.JPG IMG_5775.JPG IMG_5777.JPG

Next puppet show time!



Our cousins arrived, and we went in to check out the exhibit on carbon nano tubes.

IMG_5787.JPG IMG_5788.JPG


IMG_5792.JPG IMG_5793.JPG
IMG_5795.JPG IMG_5800.JPG

Then to the water room.


We were having struggles on the teeter-totter, Judah and Lucas…weigh the same, and it wasn’t working.

IMG_5804.JPG IMG_5806.JPG

We went out to feed the fish.






IMG_5816.JPG IMG_5820.JPG


IMG_5821.JPG IMG_5823.JPG



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