Mom’s Birthday!

My mom had a Birthday on Friday, and it although our hearts were heavy about Grandma, it was so nice to be together.

Funny thing, it was Grandma Denny’s birthday when we had Grandma Murphy’s funeral. I guess mom’s funeral is going to be near one of our birthday’s. 

We drove in separate cars. 

We went to Macaroni Grill.
Aunt Janet drew mom a message on the table. 
Brandon drew me one too. 
This then started us off on writing as many bad things we could think of in our mission languages. 

Dinner was lovely. Mom was even serenaded in with Happy Birthday to you in Italian.   

We had cake. 

Then mom opened up gifts. 

Her big gift was a camera from all of us kids. 
The singer was back, and sang twinkle twinkle little star. Mirah didn’t quiet know what to think. 
It was a super fun dinner. 
Happy birthday Mom, love you. Happy birthday. I am so glad we could celebrate it together. 

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