Grandma’s Viewing

So on Thursday family started rolling in. Brandon and Dad arrived on Thursday and it was really great to spend some time together. Mirah was really excited to see them.

She loves her Grandpa Pippy!

We headed up after work on Friday to the viewing in Sandy. 
Our sprits were low. But thankfully we had each other to lean on.
All the details including the flowers were painstakingly selected by Mom and Aunt Janet. 
Everything was lovely.
We sat and talked about Grandma. 
Sloan was there too. 

The funeral home had this weird room down the hall from Grandma Denny’s viewing room. I didn’t get it. I took a picture because it was weirdly distracting when my heart was so low. 
Brandon and Mirah couldn’t help but be silly together. 
Hanging out on the golf cart together. 
Mom and Aunt Janet. 
Cameron and Sloan.

Taking a drive. 

I know there was a lot of deliberation as to whether or not to do a viewing. I think in the end the consensus was that it was a good thing that they did the viewing. It brings a sense of reality to the death. The funeral home did a fine job, but to me to was clear grandma was gone. I kept wanting her to open her eyes and laugh. To tell me story about some one in the family. To tell me she loved me. But it was clear, she was gone. Brandon for all of his silliness said it to me best that night, “I am glad I came to see her, but her sprit was gone.” 

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