Disneyland Day 1.5 California Adventure

After the coaster, we did some planning and headed back to Cars Land.

IMG_1777.JPG IMG_1706.JPG

Picture time!!

IMG_1707.JPG IMG_1708.JPG IMG_1709.JPG
IMG_1710.JPG IMG_1711.JPG IMG_1712.JPG
IMG_1713.JPG IMG_1714.JPG IMG_1715.JPG
IMG_1716.JPG IMG_1717.JPG IMG_1718.JPG

This photographer we super awesome. We had to wait in line to get to her, but she did an awesome job!

IMG_1719.JPG IMG_1720.JPG
IMG_1721.JPG IMG_1722.JPG
IMG_1724.JPG IMG_1726.JPG

We were set to do all of Cars land!

So first stop was Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree! The line for the ride had stuff from all of Maters different shorts and movies.

IMG_1727.JPG IMG_1730.JPG

These cuties.

IMG_1732.JPG IMG_1734.JPG
IMG_1736.JPG IMG_1737.JPG
IMG_1743.JPG IMG_1745.JPG

The ride was a sipping trailer ride.


With all of this focus on Lucas, I think that it is time to say something about my lovely wonderful Mirah. She is up for everything. She is brave and easy going and positive and fun loving and I just love her so much. I can’t even say how incredibly proud of her. She wasn’t super into Cars Land as a place, but every single place we went she showed enthusiasm and excitement every place we went.

IMG_1740.JPG IMG_1741.JPG

Speaking of people I love. Three generations of Hite men. Love this guys. Jim was so much fun with the kids.

IMG_1748.JPG IMG_1749.JPG
IMG_1750.JPG IMG_1751-COLLAGE.jpg
IMG_1751.JPG IMG_1752.JPG
IMG_1753.JPG IMG_1754.JPG

Jim and Lucas.

IMG_1757.JPG IMG_1760.JPG

Karl and Mirah.

IMG_1762.JPG IMG_1763.JPG
IMG_1764.JPG IMG_1766.JPG

Next, we went to Filmore’s.

IMG_1770.JPG IMG_1771.JPG

And took another picture with this thing.

IMG_1774.JPG IMG_1776.JPG

We then saw MATER himself at the Cozy Cone! So we went to meet him!

IMG_1780.JPG IMG_1782.JPG

We went to Sarge’s Surplus Hut, and found a little car build for Karl and Lucas to do together.

Next we went to Luigi’s Rockin’ Roadsters!

IMG_1787.JPG IMG_1788.JPG


IMG_1822.JPG IMG_1789.JPG
IMG_1794.JPG IMG_1795.JPG

The line went through his shop and was very Italian.

IMG_1797.JPG IMG_1799.JPG

Lucas and Luigi…L L L

IMG_1800.JPG IMG_1801.JPG

This ride cracked me up! It was basically dancing cars!

IMG_1805.JPG IMG_1806.JPG
IMG_1809.JPG IMG_1810.JPG
IMG_1812.JPG IMG_1816.JPG
IMG_1813.JPG IMG_1814.JPG

Next we went to looked around Flo’s Cafe and Ramons.

IMG_1818.JPG IMG_1824.JPG
IMG_1819.JPG IMG_1827.JPG
IMG_1830.JPG IMG_1831.JPG
IMG_1833.JPG IMG_1834.JPG

We watched Lightning drive away, he even said, “You have to turn Left to go Right.”

At this point, my DOGS were barking. We headed towards Soaring Around the World.

IMG_1844.JPG IMG_1838.JPG

While we waited, we got churros!

IMG_1840.JPG IMG_1845.JPG
IMG_1847.JPG IMG_1848.JPG

There was time to wait, so the kids went to the Riverwood Creek Challenge Trail.

IMG_1108.JPG IMG_1109.JPG

Our fast pass was finally ready, so we got in line for the ride.

IMG_1849.JPG IMG_1850.JPG

We got strapped in, glasses on, floated up into the air… and it broke. We then got stuck in the ride, while they slowly let everyone out.


For the inconvenience, we got some fast passes, so we went back to the Radiator Springs Roadsters.

IMG_1863.JPG IMG_1863-EFFECTS.jpg

I got to sit with the kids this time.

IMG_1860.JPG IMG_1856.JPG
IMG_1861.JPG IMG_1855.JPG



Trying to pose with these kids…

IMG_1865.JPG IMG_1866.JPG IMG_1867.JPG

We decided to head over to Disneyland, when on the way we ran into MICKEY!!!

IMG_1868.JPG IMG_1870.JPG
IMG_1871.JPG IMG_1872.JPG

The kids were stoked.

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