Last Day with Grandma Denny

So when I woke up on Saturday I had no feeling about how the day would end. 
The week beforehand had not been very great either. Mirah and I had been sick, especially Mirah. 
She got a fever on Tuesday and before we knew it, she was covered in spots which turned out to be hand foot and mouth disease. Mom was with us on Monday, and left Tuesday morning because Grandma wasn’t feeling well. 
Here she is having a Pedialite pop. Feeling pretty good.
Wednesday, Hospice came to help with mom. Tender Mercy, Grandpa had an appointment and the people at the doctors office got mom set up with the Hospice nurse. 
Things started to get bad on Thursday. While out visiting teaching that night my spirits were low. One of the sisters we visited felt prompted to read us this scripture. 
 DC 100: 12 Therefore, continue your journey and let your hearts rejoice; for behold, and lo, I am with you even unto the end.

My mind was brought to Grandma Denny, I wanted to be with her. To read it to her, and I knew at that moment that grandma wasn’t going to get better. 
Because Mirah was sick, we couldn’t visit. On Friday night we prayed that she would be well enough to visit. Before grandma got sick, we were going to meet up with mom and go to the farmers market. 
We came up with no feeling of how bad things were. 
When we got to Grandma’s, I wasn’t prepared for how badly she would be doing.
I was able to help a little. I was able to hold her hand, rub her feet and talk to her a little. 
Grandma was stressed, so we tried to keep things as calm and quiet as we could. 
Mirah and Karl spent the whole time outside, as not to disturb Grandma. 
We went to Zuppa’s for lunch. 
After lunch, it was time for Mirah’s nap and so we stopped by to see Grandma one more time. I rand in and gave her a hug and a kiss. I told he that I loved her. I said, “I will see you soon.”
She said, “I love you too, thank you for coming.”
We got the call a little before 11:00 PM, it was mom. Grandma had passed away.
I spent the evening crying. 
The next day was Sunday. I would have skipped it but I needed to be there to do sharing time and a meeting. I got the program. 
This is what it said:
A little tender Mercy of the lord.
My heart is sad, but full of hope.
Hope that I can see my Grandma again. 

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