At the Park

So we are still in a sad mood. I think my little lady can sense that my heart is sad, she stuck right by my side in the grass at the park today. 
Also it is super hot and I was sitting in the shade.
While I laid in the shade, Mirah ran around picking morning glory flowers from the lawn and bringing them over to me. 

 Mirah is in her new outfit that just miraculously arrived from Grandma Neal. 
 Laying in the grass looking at flowers.
 New trick, Mirah can put her sandals on al by herself. 
 It just takes a little while and a few dozen tries. 

 Mission accomplished. You can see on her wrists all of her little sores from the Hand, foot and mouth illness. 
 Shen then picked up all the trash in the park and put it in a pile next to us. 
 My little ray of sunshine. 
I like to tell Mirah that she makes me so happy. 
She has started telling me the same thing over the past couple of days. It makes me so happy. 

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