Independence Day!!!

So everyone is gone this weekend, so that means that the Hite family is flying solo!
So we decided to take a family ride up the canyon! 
It was a really hot morning so we only made it to Bridal Veil falls. 
We brought a picnic lunch so we set out our blanket. 
And assembled our sandwiches. We had YUMMY chicken salad. 
Mirah even liked it. There is a little stand up there where we bought a little bag of chips and some sodas. 
We just set up a blanket in the shade right next to the trail. It was pretty awesome. 
Here are a bunch of pictures of Mirah and mom.
Decked out in her red white and blue!
After lunch we went over the falls. There is a little fish pond you can get little pellets to feed the fish. That little boy on the rock used them to lure the fish right near him and he actually caught one! Which is against the rules posted everywhere but is was still pretty nuts to see a little kid pick up a huge fish with his hands.
Mirah was loving it. 

We road home and took a nice long family nap!
After our nap we went to the pool and took a little swim. Mirah is really getting in love with the water. It takes both of us to keep her head above the water. She loves to be dropped in and left alone to float under water. We got her a little set of goggle that she just loves. The cuter thing is when Karl or I wear the goggles and watcher he under water. She has a HUGE smile of her face and you can tell she is just loving life in the pool.

After bathing and getting dressed we went out to Jay Dogs for dinner. A perfect 4th of July treat. 

Mirah loved to play in the phone booth. 
Dessert? What else! Shave Ice!
Back at home we stayed up late to do some fireworks!

Mirah loved them this year. She was a little nervous at first, but after watching her dad light off literally 25 ground blossoms, she warmed up to them. 

These were a big fireworks this year. Two of them were aerials, our first ever as a family. 
First we had to do the little ones. 
My favorite. 
Mirah was upset because her hands got all dirty. 
Around 8:45 our Friends Silvia and Reily came over to watch with us. 
Our neighbor Licia came over too. We played with sparklers while we waited for it to get darker. 
Karl lighting one of our HUGE sparklers from three different places. 

The fireworks went off beautifully. The only issue was that the areal when off, then with last blast went off toward a family next to us. It was kind of scary.

We went in around 10:30 after watching all the fireworks in the neighborhood go off.
Even then, the blasts were going well past midnight.
It was a PERFECT day. 

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