Visiting Grandma

So on Tuesday evening at 10 I was finishing my Primary meeting, and I got a call from my mom. Grandma Denny was ill and in the hospital. She was facing a serious surgery and we were all very worried. Mirah and I rushed over in the morning to see her.

We met our cousin Heather in the elevator.

When we got to the room, Grandma was She was doing much better. We sat and chatted for a little while and then Mirah and I had to leave to be at work. 

After Karl got off of work we headed back to the hospital.
Grandma was with the Nurse so we waited outside for a minute. 

Mirah kept busy.

We sat and chatted some more. Grandma was in good sprits and we had a nice visit.

The one good thing, is that Grandma Pippy can up earlier than she planned to help out.
She came over and helped get Mirah ready for bed her first night.

It is so nice to have grandma’s. We love you Grandma Denny! We love you Grandma Pippy!

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