Happy Birthday to Me

It was a great birthday. 
The day started out like most Tuesdays, with Dance Class! Her is my little dancing lady:

While I was in dance class, I popped out and got my eyebrows done!

 I also stopped and got some breakfast!

 Back in time for a glimpse of little kids!

 Mirah’s present to me was being so super cute all day. We had so much fun.


I threw my back out the night before, so most of the day was spent resting.
It was nice.

Karl came home with this lovely batch of roses for me. 

Out to dinner at Texas Road house! My favorite.

My left overs…
We went over and picked up Krysta and Karen. 
Karen gave me this:
She wrote it herself. 
We went out to get some cupcakes. 
Raspberry, Better than Anything, Grasshopper, Death by Chocolate. 

Then out to Nickel City!

We stopped and celebrated before going in!
Mirah had the raspberry. 
I had the Better Than Anything. 
Sang happy birthday.
Then we played!

We won the BONUS!!!

SOOOOO many tickets!

All the ladies got some rings!
Back at home.
Mirah in bed, Karl and I ate my little ice cream cake.

 Watched the Doll House, and then to bed.
Perfect day. 

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