Princess Mirah

Before I was a mom, I was a nanny. Several times. Everything from light occasional babysitting to daily caretaker. So, as such you learn a lot about kids, kids culture and how to make a list of all the things that you will and won’t do with your own kids. One thing I “learned” was that the American Princess culture was the devil and demeaning to women and girls. It taught little girls that they were helpless damsels in distress and that their only value the innately had was in their perceived beauty. 

Then I had a little girl. No matter how hard I try, she LOVES the princess culture. No matter what options I present, she just wants the girly stuff. She wants to wear bracelets and  necklaces and dresses. She prefers skirts to dresses and the day her cinderella dress arrived from grandma she was in HEAVEN. I have tired.

But, I am starting to lean into the skid, and accept the things that make her happy. I remember my mom used to say that “it makes me so happy when you guys are happy.” I remember totally rolling my eyes and thinking in my egocentric tween mind, “Yeah right mom, that is lame.” But now I get it, the happiness of my child multiplies my own happiness and sense of self worth. I love to know that the giggle, or smile, or excitement that I see on her perfect face was caused by something I did. 

So, when I saw the flyer for the Princess Day Camp put on by Mirah’s dance class…what choice did I have but to sign her up?

I mean, look at her:

The day started by learning a princess walk…okay.
Then they taught them some princess dance moves. 
She mostly just didn’t get it. Loved the wand and playing in the boxes. 
There was some spinning in there too.
The best part was Mirah meeting other little girls. All of her friends her age are boys, so this was a very new experience for her. Other little girls, dress up as Princesses and dancing around. This little girl and Mirah stuck together. They sat and talked for a little while, each admiring the others dress. Mirah tugged on the other girls sleeve, the other little girl poked the Cinderella pendant. 
The dress in the end began to be a little distracting for her. So when she came out for a potty break, we changed her into normal clothes. 
There she is, in the yellow bow. 
Ring around the Rosie. 
Then wonder of wonders, Elsa and Anna themselves arrived!
Here is Mirah, trying to curtsy. 

They did the dance they had practiced for the special guests.  
Then, Elsa and Anna read the girls a story about being sisters. 
Mirah made another friend. 
So cute. We do not know this little girl. 

Then each little girl got a turn to meet the Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. 
Mirah wanted to get back into her dress to meet them, she was SO excited. 

They gave her a little goody bag, which Mirah was very excited about. 

Miss Camille, umm, I mean Anna and Mirah sharing a big hug!

Going home, a princess in a car seat. 

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