Babysitting Swap!

Holding on to our last days of summer weather, when we had some friends over. It was a babysitting swap actually. Their parents are friends and Neighbors of ours.

IMG_6293.JPG IMG_6294.JPG IMG_6296.JPG

So we had mac n cheese out on the back lawn.

IMG_0811.JPG IMG_0810.JPG IMG_0812.JPG

Which basically digressed into crazy play time.

IMG_6298.JPG IMG_6300.JPG

These cutie boys.

IMG_6297.JPG IMG_6301.JPG IMG_6302.JPG


IMG_6307.JPG IMG_6309.JPG


IMG_6310.JPG IMG_6311.JPG
IMG_6312.JPG IMG_6315.JPG

Lucas found an empty snail shell.

IMG_6316.JPG IMG_6317.JPG
IMG_6318.JPG IMG_6319.JPG
IMG_6320.JPG IMG_6321.JPG
IMG_6322.JPG IMG_6323.JPG


Then the kids started making jewelry with grapes and pine needles.

IMG_6325.JPG IMG_6326.JPG


IMG_6327.JPG IMG_6328.JPG IMG_6329.JPG


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