Saturday with the Kids!

It was Saturday, and all we wanted to do, was have fun with our cousins! We started our day at the Museum of Ancient Life. We saw the 3D Film, Turtle Odyssey.

IMG_6330.JPG IMG_6331.JPG

SO there are so so so many picture, because we just couldn’t get the kids to all look at once.

IMG_6332.JPG IMG_6336.JPG
IMG_6337.JPG IMG_6338.JPG
IMG_6338.JPG IMG_6333.JPG
IMG_6334.JPG IMG_6335.JPG
IMG_6339.JPG IMG_6340.JPG



IMG_6341.JPG IMG_6342.JPG


IMG_6349.JPG IMG_6345.JPG
IMG_6346.JPG IMG_6347.JPG
IMG_6347.JPG IMG_6348.JPG

We didn’t go to the museum, ins dead we went to lunch at the Village Baker for lunch. We got Pizzas and Salads, and the kids just wanted to play under this sign.

IMG_6350.JPG IMG_6351.JPG
IMG_6352.JPG IMG_6353.JPG
IMG_6354.JPG IMG_6355.JPG
IMG_6357.JPG IMG_6356.JPG
IMG_6358.JPG IMG_6359.JPG

After lunch was went to a park out near Herriman. Wardle Fields Regional Park.




IMG_6363.JPG IMG_6364.JPG
IMG_6365.JPG IMG_6366.JPG

Saturday with kids, love it. Love these little things.

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