Sunday with Kids and Primary

Pictures of a Typical Sunday for us.

Ready for church. The kids, looking amazing and so so PERFECTLY cute. Drinking from the new waterbottles that Auntie Maryn sent them, since Mirah is in Running Club.

IMG_6409.JPG IMG_6410.JPG
IMG_6411.JPG IMG_6412.JPG
IMG_6414.JPG IMG_6416.JPG

We arrived at church, and were welcomed by this advertisement for an activity coming up.


We sat together and Mirah drew me this picture:


Then there is Primary. We are getting ready for the Program in a couple of weeks, and after doing our practice, Kristin Beckstead, our fearless Primary President, gathered the kids around her and taught them a sweet lesson about the Savior.

IMG_6421.JPG IMG_6422.JPG
IMG_6423.JPG IMG_6424.JPG
IMG_6425.JPG IMG_6420.JPG
IMG_6427.JPG IMG_6428.JPG


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