After much humming and hawing, we finally bought tickets to see the Aquabats. I had seen them once before, at the rooftop concert series in Provo last summer. Or was it the summer before that? 😉

IMG_6369.JPG IMG_6370.JPG

But this is the first time I actually saw them at a venue where I purchased a ticket. It was billed as an all ages show, so when we walked in and there were little kids and BABIES all over the place as was still shocked, I mean they didn’t go on until after 9.

Their openers were a little HARDER than they were in the old days, and the guys up front were mashing pretty hard before the boys even got on.


We were okay, we were ready to rock! And yes, I got elbowed pretty hard in the chest, but luckily Karl was there to push those guys right over .

IMG_6372.JPG IMG_6373.JPG

We got a set of pins at the table, Karl wearing his new sand flea pin.


As theatrical as ever, the band was on with a little show projected behind them.

IMG_6375.JPG IMG_6376.JPG

The Commander was up in front and making the show happen. I couldn’t stop smiling.

IMG_6377.JPG IMG_6378.JPG

Wow wow wow wow wooooow

Pizza Day was up next and the Pizza floaties were out, along with the crowd surfers.

IMG_6379.JPG IMG_6380.JPG
IMG_6381.JPG IMG_6383.JPG

Then a little girl got totally clobered near the front of the stage because some of the kids mashing…were mashing.

So he pulled the little cadet up on stage, banished the kids that were being jerks, and had everyone crowd surf her on the pizza.

IMG_6384.JPG IMG_6385.JPG IMG_6386.JPG

And things were right in the world again.

IMG_6387.JPG IMG_6388.JPG

I love Chicken!

IMG_6393.JPG IMG_6392.JPG
IMG_6390.JPG IMG_6391.JPG

I don’t want to loose your love tonight!

After all of that Drama, the SANDFLEA’S arrived!!!

IMG_6395.JPG IMG_6396.JPG
IMG_6397.JPG IMG_6398.JPG
IMG_6399.JPG IMG_6400.JPG

The came out victorious!!

IMG_6403.JPG IMG_6404.JPG

We had a blast! Great Show!


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