Garden is A Bloomin’

These posts are mostly for me, it is fun to see how we do each year, and how everything progresses in our garden. PLUS, Mirah was is rare form today. Our family is all the colors of the rainbow sick today, and I will let your imagination run with that description and you are probably right. 
Anyway, it was about 6, and we hadn’t gotten dressed, or left the house yet, so we got dressed, did Mirah’s hair, wiped our noses and went out on the lawn for a little while. 
 Mirah grabbed everything she could on her way out. She is holding her microphone bubble wand and a pinwheel.

Okay, back to the garden. So we have two different spots, one right in front of our apartment, and another at the end of our courtyard.
They were planted on the same day, and were mostly the same size when they went into the ground.

We hd Mirah stand in front of them for scale.
In front of the house:

End of the courtyard:

I really think that the black tarp is a redo, I water less and all my plants seem to be bigger. 

I have tomatoes on the vine in both areas:

Mirah, striking a pose while eating a sweet pea. 

Other things coming:
Yellow squash and zucchini.
White squash.
Karl checking it out. Looking pale. 
Not happy that I am photographing him. 
Mirah getting a lecture about not picking green tomatoes. 
 Even after that, she went for it again, so here she is on a time out on the lawn. 
She is FINALLY looking into the camera when I ask her to. This is her cute little cheesy smile. 

So many dried boogers, a long rough, coughy day. 
One more little pose. 
Ok, one more.
I also planted flowers this year. 
This is my English Lavender plant. I made the mistake of cutting off the old growth from last year, thinking it was like roses. It is not. It does get new growth each year, which is what you are looking at here. 
Our porch. 
Little purple pansies, and snap dragons. 

Allium. Almost in bloom. They have been growing up since OCTOBER. The just started turning purple over the last two days. 

They are quite tall, Mirah for scale. 
Last few things. There are also green beans, cucumbers, and bell peppers coming along nicely, no flowers yet, but still coming right along. 
In March I bought several packets of seeds. I left them on the porch and while my back was turned, Mirah grabbed them and dumped them into the garden. I was really upset with her. 
But here they are months later, coming up among my corn flowers. 
Mirah was stir crazy, so Karl, who is not dealing with the cough and runny nose Mirah and I have, blew bubbles for Mirah to run around and pop. 

I was totally beat after being outside for 20 minutes. We came in and were in bed early.
The garden was lovely. 

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