Running Club

It was running club, and we were a few minutes early. I freaking love this adorable kid…well both of them really.

IMG_6437.JPG IMG_6438.JPG
IMG_6439.JPG IMG_6440.JPG
IMG_6441.JPG IMG_6442.JPG

It was Mirah’s first chance to use the water bottle that Auntie Maryn sent her. We wanted to make sure we took pictures!

IMG_6443.JPG IMG_6444.JPG
IMG_6445.JPG IMG_6447.JPG
IMG_6449.JPG IMG_6451.JPG
IMG_6452.JPG IMG_6453.JPG
IMG_6455.JPG IMG_6454.JPG
IMG_6456.JPG IMG_6457.JPG
IMG_6458.JPG IMG_6459.JPG

Practice was starting! So many kids, and SO few adults.

IMG_6460.JPG IMG_6461.JPG

Running Time!

IMG_6463.JPG IMG_6465.JPG
IMG_6466.JPG IMG_6467.JPG
IMG_6469.JPG IMG_6468.JPG
IMG_6470.JPG IMG_6471.JPG
IMG_6472.JPG IMG_6473.JPG
IMG_6474.JPG IMG_6475.JPG
IMG_6476.JPG IMG_6477.JPG

She did a lot of walking. She is TOTALLY my daughter.

Today is September the 11th, and it always leads to some hard conversations with the kids. About terrorism, and war. But also gratitude for those who help and serve in our communities. Our ward set out the flags on this day of somber remembrance.

IMG_6479.JPG IMG_6480.JPG
IMG_6483.JPG IMG_6484.JPG


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