Perfect Saturday

Sometimes you wake up, and have no idea what your day will look like, and it turns out better than you could have even planned. I realized that we haven’t been to the Provo Farmers market ONCE this summer. So it was time. Anytime we head down that way, we make sure that we call the Whitmores. I texted her from the market. While we were waiting for these little babies:

IMG_6513.JPG IMG_6512.JPG
IMG_6516.JPG IMG_6518.JPG

Poffertjes. We got chocolate and caramel.


Then we went to the Fire and Fromage booth, and got cheese grilled, with bread. This guy’s hat was PERFECT.

IMG_6520.JPG IMG_6521.JPG
IMG_6523.JPG IMG_6524.JPG

We decided to head up the canyon and the Whitmores joined us. We were at South Fork park again, and this time Karl brought his hammock. He wanted to swing above the water.

IMG_6534.JPG IMG_6535.JPG
IMG_6536.JPG IMG_6538.JPG

It was such a beautiful afternoon, and the weather was PERFECT.


While Karl relaxed and listened to his podcasts, and Zac read his comic books, the kids wanted to try and go swimming.

IMG_6540.JPG IMG_6552.JPG
IMG_6542.JPG IMG_6543.JPG
IMG_6550.JPG IMG_6551.JPG

It was a bit colder than we had hoped.


IMG_6544.JPG IMG_6547.JPG
IMG_6546.JPG IMG_6548.JPG


It was at this point the kids got really interested in playing in Karl’s hammock. Karen had brought her hammock too, so Karl helped her get it all set up.

IMG_6553.JPG IMG_6554.JPG
IMG_6557.JPG IMG_6556.JPG
IMG_6558.JPG IMG_6559.JPG

Cuties. Karen in her Hammock.

IMG_6560.JPG IMG_6561.JPG
IMG_6562.JPG IMG_6563.JPG
IMG_6564.JPG IMG_6565.JPG
IMG_6566.JPG IMG_6567.JPG

The kids set up to be near her.


My darling Krysta.

IMG_6568.JPG IMG_6581.JPG


Then the kids spotted this beauty!


IMG_6569.JPG IMG_6570.JPG
IMG_6571.JPG IMG_6572.JPG
IMG_6577.JPG IMG_6574.JPG
IMG_6573.JPG IMG_6576.JPG

We had a picnic and it was wonderful.


THEN after the kids came to bed, and Malia came and we played games into the night.


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