Memorial Day

The day was bright and beautiful, the flowers were blooming! (Including this amazing bush of roses we discovered today behind Betsy’s house.) We decided to go for a ride around Provo with the Reddochs.
First stop, Guru’s. Or as Asher would call it, Gugu’s.
Here we are waiting for our breakfast. 
My bench mates. Asher and Judah…LOVE.

This is a hug, not Asher holding a knife to Judah’s neck. 
We are working with Mirah on looking at the camera. She will do it if we say, “Mommy has cheese on her face, say cheese!” 
Judah and Nick, the happiest Nick had been up to that point in the morning. 
After breakfast we rode over to the Provo Pioneer Cemetery, it is hard to see, but as we road in there was a man playing Amazing Grace on the bag pipes. It was really moving. 
We stopped to listen. 
We got off our bikes and started looking around. 
Karl liked this one, and side, “Yeah, I just need a huge rock on my grave.”
Most interesting Grave:
A poligamist, who had 4 wives ranging in age from 60 to 30.  
While I was reading this large monument, Mirah found a cast off boutonniere.
She carried it around with her the rest of the day. She LOVED it.  
It was fun, we just followed the kids around as they looked at the graves. 
Getting back on the bikes. 
Really a lovely day, and there was a sea of mums. 
We road over to the park near Nitsy’s place. We sat in the shade as the kids ran around. 
It was getting late and the kids were going crazy. We went over to the mall to eat lunch, I had Shuarma. It was pretty good. 
We parted ways at this point and went home for naps. 
After naps were over, the Reddochs came over for a swim!
Mirah LOVES the pool. She is almost impossible to stop. We are teaching her to kick and she is actually doing a pretty great job. 
Asher was still not super into the water. He wanted to stay in the boat the whole time. 

Mirah just wanted to get under the water. She loved sitting on the steps like this. 
She loves to be dipped. 

Getting out was hard. The kids just wanted to stay in the water. 
Getting out, lady was so cold!
Back at the house we had dinner of BBQ chicken with a big salad. 
Everyone seemed to enjoy it. 
We hung out and played a little Mario Cart together. 
We thought one last thing would be fun to do for the day…
Can you guess…
We only got one Short Board. It was MORE than enough. 
Ours was half tigers blood and half mango. There was also macadamia nut ice cream in the center. 
So good. 
Asher got a red one. 
Betsy, Blue Beach (I think) and Tiger’s blood with Ice cream too. 
I can’t remember Nicks…Judah wasn’t sure about it at first.
He got over it.
And got down to business. 
Mirah couldn’t have enough. 
Another lovely day! 

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