Weekend with Maryn and the Whitmores

So the lovely and wonderful Maryn came to stay this weekend! It was so wonderful. She came up in the morning. We went out to breakfast together, then Karl and I went to the temple while Mirah and Maryn watched frozen and played together.

When we got home we went to the park and played and snacked.
Mirah looking so grown up on the swings. 

After a morning of Temple dates and movies we went to the Whitmore’s place to take a ride!
Maryn brought her board to ride:

Krysta and Karen ready to go!

Here we are ready to get onto the PRT.
Most of us got to the trail, but we had to wait…while we waited-FOOT FIVE!
What or rather who were we waiting for?
Maryn and Zac long boarded, the rest of us biked.

Mirah LOVES riding in the trailer. 
We took a little break along the river at the swing. 
Maryn showing off her ripped shoe. She made the hole moments earlier while coming down an incline. 
Karl took a turn.

Karen went high!

Looking on. 

Karl showing Mirah the water. 
It was difficult to keep her out. 
The weather was PEFECT. The trail was pretty clear, the only problem was the COTTON. By the end of the evening my eyes were a MESS.
The river was FULL of fish. You could see them as you road by. 
Karen and Karl stopped to check them out.

Eventually Maryn’s knee was giving her trouble. No problemo! Krysta the great road her on the extracycle! 
Maryn taking pictures! 
Some of Maryn’s shots from the day:

We got to the lake! Here we are waiting at the gate. 
A totally gorgeous day!
Mean old me, I made the girls squnit at me to get this one. Mirah is happy, she was eating crasins and with Karen. Not much better than that for her. 
Here we are again. I am already looking sun burned. 

We decided to stop at 7 Eleven on our way home for a treat.
Here is Mirah drinking her very fist slurpee.
The gang!
I mean a special day deserves a rare and special treat!
Here she is, reunited with her slurpee,  she put on her glasses herself. Looking good!

We got back to the Whitmores, ordered Cafe Rio in. Stayed late talking and playing games.
SUCH a fun day.

Maryn even stayed the night and came to church with us today! We drove the Alpine loop after church together. Seriously, a magical weekend. Good food, amazing weather, a beautiful ride, and of course AMAZING people to share it with.

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