Pumpkin Patch with the Reddochs

Fall is here, and the back to back fall activities had begun. We were off to Maybe Farms again for Craig Hawker’s annual Pumpkin patch event.

The kids were excited to wear their Halloween outfits, and I have to admit they both look pretty great in them.

IMG_6965.JPG IMG_6966.JPG

We planned on Meeting Betsy and the kids there. We had been there long enough, for Lucas to poop on the port-a-potty floor, and then to run off again. When I found him, her and his cousins were browsing the pumpkins on display.

Ginger and Rosy, Picking their pumpkins.

IMG_6967.JPG IMG_6968.JPG

Lucas, just wanted a little white one at first, but then became concerned that it was too dirty. Then memorized where the dirt was, and locked it in, and THIS was his forever pumpkin.

IMG_6969.JPG IMG_6971.JPG

Once we were all gathered, we went over to get some food. There was pizza, and apple juice and milk.

Rosy and Ginger, eating their Pizza.

IMG_6973.JPG IMG_6974.JPG

Lucas and Mirah Eating in the wagon.

IMG_6976.JPG IMG_6977.JPG

We all decided to pick our pumpkins this year. We walked out to the fields and it only took Mirah a minute to find the one she wanted.

IMG_6979.JPG IMG_6980.JPG

Sometimes Single Mom Betsy, with her kids in tow.

IMG_6982.JPG IMG_6981.JPG

Picture time! At the Pumpkin Patch!

Mirah and Lucas, looking so so cute!

IMG_6983.JPG IMG_6985.JPG IMG_6986.JPG

Mirah and Lucas and Rosie…THAN Everyone joined in! <3 Judah could not be persuaded to be behind with everyone else. He wanted to be “someone buying a pumpkin.” He looks great.

IMG_6987.JPG IMG_6988.JPG
IMG_6989.JPG IMG_6990.JPG
IMG_6991.JPG IMG_6992.JPG
IMG_6994.JPG IMG_6993.JPG


IMG_6995.JPG IMG_6996.JPG
IMG_6997.JPG IMG_6998.JPG


Lucas balancing on the old timey tractor.


IMG_7001.JPG IMG_7002.JPG


Even though there was some pizza at the Pumpkin Patch, the kids were still hungry and we still wanted to play. So we went over to the McDonald’s in Herirman.

IMG_7004.JPG IMG_7006.JPG IMG_7005.JPG



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