Jakers With the Whitmores

If one Pumpkin patch stop wasn’t enough, we had another trip planned with the Whitmores.

It was our Annual Stop at Jakers! The weather was bad and the light was fading, so we jumped right into action!

Art City Dounuts was there and I couldn’t help but buy a bunch of them on our way to the hey ride.

We got on the Hey Ride, which was wet and wild and SUPER muddy this year. Huge ruts covered the muddy field and it left us all with a sense that we might turn over at any moment.

IMG_7013.JPG IMG_7013.JPG


The kids that I hope I have trained to be up for anything were happy to be on a ride together.

IMG_7014.JPG IMG_7014.JPG IMG_7016.JPG
IMG_7016.JPG IMG_7017.JPG IMG_7015.JPG


I should have worn different shoes.

IMG_7019.JPG IMG_7020.JPG

Watch us in action.

IMG_7024.JPG IMG_7025.JPG IMG_7026.JPG

After the ride, we took some pictures.

IMG_7027.JPG IMG_7028.JPG
IMG_7029.JPG IMG_7030.JPG

Krysta took these for us.

IMG_7031.JPG IMG_7043.JPG
IMG_7033.JPG IMG_7035.JPG
IMG_7036.JPG IMG_7037.JPG

There was a new slippery slide this year. Karl wanted to do it…

IMG_7046.JPG IMG_7047.JPG
IMG_7048.JPG IMG_7049.JPG
IMG_7050.JPG IMG_7051.JPG

Lucas’s ride, while less violent, was still funny and cute.

IMG_7053.JPG IMG_7054.JPG
IMG_7055.JPG IMG_7045.JPG

We climbed the tower.

IMG_7056.JPG IMG_7057.JPG

Played in a corn pit…

IMG_7058.JPG IMG_7059.JPG
IMG_7061.JPG IMG_7060.JPG

And ran around in a maze.

IMG_7062.JPG IMG_7069.JPG IMG_7067.JPG


IMG_7071.JPG IMG_7072.JPG

It was a fun evening.

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