Cascade Kite Festival

The annual Kite Festival began. It was early Saturday Morning, and it was pretty cold, but at least not rainy.


There were 5 station, and we obediently went to each station.

IMG_7091.JPG IMG_7090.JPG

We grabbed Mirah’s Kite, and started a kite for Lucas

IMG_7085.JPG IMG_7084.JPG IMG_7089.JPG


IMG_7093.JPG IMG_7092.JPG


IMG_7096.JPG IMG_7095.JPG



IMG_7098.JPG IMG_7097.JPG



IMG_7099.JPG IMG_7100.JPG

Outside there were tables with actual Chinese style kites to have.

IMG_7102.JPG IMG_7103.JPG

Mirah went to work, flying her little kite.

IMG_7104.JPG IMG_7105.JPG
IMG_7106.JPG IMG_7107.JPG
IMG_7108.JPG IMG_7109.JPG
IMG_7110.JPG IMG_7111.JPG


The wind picked up, and her little kite really started to fly!

IMG_7112.JPG IMG_7114.JPG
IMG_7116.JPG IMG_7118.JPG


Out on the field, there were all kinds of different kites.

IMG_7119.JPG IMG_7120.JPG


IMG_7121.JPG IMG_7122.JPG

Those cheap Chinese kites, they didn’t really fly. The even less cheap home made ones flew better.

IMG_7123.JPG IMG_7125.JPG





IMG_7127.JPG IMG_7128.JPG
IMG_7129.JPG IMG_7130.JPG
IMG_7131.JPG IMG_7132.JPG
IMG_7133.JPG IMG_7134.JPG
IMG_7135.JPG IMG_7136.JPG














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