Scarecrow Festival

Another fall tradition accomplished! And I love this one because its so clean and civilized. 😉
The Ashton Garden’s Scarecrow Festival. This year we went with the Roberts.

There were so many funny scare crows! This one was my favorite. The Bearded Lady from The Greatest Showman-there was musical playing and everything. SO good.

IMG_7230.JPG IMG_7232.JPG IMG_7231.JPG

Other really great entries:

This Dementor giving free kisses and this cool little School house of Crows.

IMG_7228.JPG IMG_7229.JPG

It’s the best, becasue its just full of funny puns and inside jokes. And even references from pop culture. Like NO Noggan, from the Curious George Halloween movie. We had just watch this the weekend before.

IMG_7234.JPG IMG_7237.JPG IMG_7235.JPG

Others a little more obsure, like this one from Monster’s University and Bob Ross. The details though! Like Bob Ross fostered squirrels. Just so cute. So much love.

IMG_7251.JPG IMG_7238.JPG


Others were super well made, and right on Fall theme.

IMG_7239.JPG IMG_7240.JPG

Oh LUCAS!!!!

IMG_7241.JPG IMG_7242.JPG

There was music playing here too, and I was trying to get the kids to do the Thriller dance, unsuccessfully.

IMG_7243.JPG IMG_7244.JPG


Then Karl’s hero, Thanos.

IMG_7245.JPG IMG_7247.JPG
IMG_7250.JPG IMG_7249.JPG


Luke’s favorite was the Coco Ofrenda. Her calls it “Coco Loco!!!”

IMG_7252.JPG IMG_7253.JPG
IMG_7254.JPG IMG_7255.JPG


Potter Puppet Pals!!!!!!!! AHHH. Love it.

And a horrifying mermaid.

IMG_7257.JPG IMG_7258.JPG


IMG_7260.JPG IMG_7264.JPG

We such a nice time. We took the chance to take a picture together. Me and my dearest old friend Devanie.

IMG_7267.JPG IMG_7271.JPG
IMG_7272.JPG IMG_7275.JPG

It’s so great that we have been able to stay friends for so long, and so cool, that we have kids that can be friends too.

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