My Little Princess

And so we are entering the age of princesses and dress up. For now we have one dress, and one skirt. Two magic wands, one pair of flashy shoes you will see below, tons of necklaces, two bracelets, a ring she got off of a cupcake on Betsy’s birthday. 
Seems like PLENTY for now. Yet in my heart I know there will be a dress up box someday.
 This morining the weather was gloomy and cold, so we were stuck inside. Mirah asked to watch Cinerella, and since we hadn’t really done dress up time with her new dress yet, I thought we would try. As I was getting her dress I laid out the rule. 
1. We will NEVER leave the house in this dress. 
2. No eating in the dress
3. No sleeping in the dress
4. Have fun, and I love you.
Getting used to the dress took some time. 
At first she mostly just sat and watched the movie.
 We already had her new Elsa socks on, so then we put on her new shoes. 
 They don’t quite fit yet.

Mirah doesn’t seem to mind. I don’t think you can see but these shoes light up.
“Mirah, that’s you!”
 “It’s me!”
 Then started the running. She loved the swishing of the dress. 
 Stopping to watch for a minute. 
Here we are in action. 
When the movie ended to a chorus of, 
Mirah said, “One more time? One more time?”
I guess we are a princess family now. I guess it is not so bad. But, as I often try to do, I am going to control it. Who am I kidding. 

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