Mirah’s 2nd Birthday!

Happy Happy Birthday Mirah DEAR!
I love her so much. 
We got up bright and early, got into her special birthday outfit. 
While Karl and I got ready for the day, we let her watch Daniel Tiger in our bed, a very special treat. We never let her do this. 
We asked her what she wanted for breakfast, she said, “pancakes!”
We tried to go to Joe’s to get some amazing silver dollar pancakes, but they were closed for a family vacation. So we went to Kneeders. 
Kids pancakes come with buttercream syrup and bananas. 

After breakfast, we went home, and got the house ready for her little party. 
Nick and Betsy and the boys arrived, and we drove over to the water gardens movie theaters. All movies are 3.50. So we went to see the Lego Movie. We had seen it before, but Mirah loved it!
The kids also loved this machine. 

Poor Nick got sick while at the movies, so instead of Lunch, we headed home to do presents and cupcakes. 
Maryn and I decorated these on Friday together. 
We did a semi frozen themed party. 
The gang. 
Presents began. 
The boys got Mirah gifts that they picked out themselves. 
She LOVED the bubbles they gave her.
They also each picked out, and signed a card for her. 
Judah’s card. 

Her last present…

“Open it.”
Finally some cupcakes.

The kids loved it.
Mirah wanted every bit of cake she cold get, even the wrapper. 

The afermath. So many crumbs, so little time.

My life changed forever two years ago. I have been blessed beyond what I could imagine at the time. I love you Mirah. 

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