Morning in Yuma

Saturday Morning-we were all up bright and early. I believe in going to bed on your anger. Everything seems better in the morning, and things were tense for a little bit. It’s never very hard to get over anger with Karl. He lets me be mad, but he is so cute, and such a good dad, its easy just to love him. I mean look at him and Mirah, they are so cute. All anger gone.

IMG_7617.JPG IMG_7616.JPG
IMG_7619.JPG IMG_7618.JPG

The kids wanted to McDonalds, and to play. So we went to a McDonalds for Breaky.

After breakfast, we went back to Lynnelle’s house and the boys showed us the amazing box fort that they had made the day before. They stayed in there for a while. They were having a blast.

IMG_7621.JPG IMG_7622.JPG

We went over to see Tia and the kids after that. They were so excited to see us. Zeke came out and had little notes for each of us.


Karl and I sat with Tia and lady Tegan. She is perfect and I want to be with her always. When we were together earlier in the year, she loved me…now she didn’t even recognize me…it was very sad.

IMG_7625.JPG IMG_7626.JPG

The cutie pie kids! They played and had so much fun.

IMG_7628.JPG IMG_7629.JPG

We had a lunch Birthday party planned with the Reddochs.


And Tegan was getting tired.

It is always SO nice to be with Tia. I love her so much.

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