Pop Over to El Centro and Dinner in Yuma

I was desperate to see my mom and dad. So we snuck away for a few hours and surprised my mom and dad at work! Dad’s work was right off the freeway, so we stopped there first.

We snuck in, and really surprised him. He even had is vest on still!

IMG_7559.JPG IMG_7558.JPG

Dad. He was in the middle of his day, and we couldn’t stay long. But I think that we cheered him up.

IMG_7560.JPG IMG_7561.JPG

Next…we snuck in to see Grandma Pippy. I texted her this picture, she didn’t see it before we got to her.


She was sitting working when we go there. She was so happy to see us. And worried that she forgot we were coming that day.

IMG_7564.JPG IMG_7565.JPG

The kids got to see her classroom. We even got to see her butterflies.

IMG_7566.JPG IMG_7567.JPG IMG_7568.JPG

And her little lizards.

IMG_7570.JPG IMG_7571.JPG

Farewell pictures…

IMG_7573.JPG IMG_7574.JPG
IMG_7576.JPG IMG_7577.JPG
IMG_7578.JPG IMG_7579.JPG


Snacks from Grandma for the road.

IMG_7581.JPG IMG_7580.JPG


One last picture…

IMG_7582.JPG IMG_7583.JPG
IMG_7585.JPG IMG_7586.JPG

Okay one more…

IMG_7587.JPG IMG_7588.JPG
IMG_7591.JPG IMG_7592.JPG

Bye mom!

IMG_7593.JPG IMG_7594.JPG

We drove over to Johnny’s Burritos for Lunch.

IMG_7596.JPG IMG_7597.JPG IMG_7598.JPG IMG_7599.JPG



IMG_7600.JPG IMG_7601.JPG IMG_7602.JPG

Writing this, I just, Karl and I were in a fight. He was upset with me. He didn’t know that I was going to spend time with my mom and dad on Sunday, and if he had, he wouldn’t have come to see them that day. He was upset about time away from his family. It was tense, and it totally ruined this trip to Jonnys.

IMG_7603.JPG IMG_7604.JPG



IMG_7606.JPG IMG_7607.JPG
IMG_7611.JPG IMG_7609.JPG

We argued the whole drive back to Yuma. I-on my own with absolutly NO help from anyone in the dumb family- set up babysitters and dinner for the kids. Well, strike that, Tia helped me. *SIGH* just remembering this night is making me upset. It was one for those fights, where nothing was resolved, we just dropped it, and let time take away the anger so we could try and enjoy our vacation. This family is not dumb. I am just still mad about all of it.


Dinner was on Grandma and Grandpa. We went to Texas Road house. It was delicious.

IMG_7612.JPG IMG_7613.JPG

If the night wasn’t already really tense, we went home and tried to play games as a group. Betsy was busy decorating the girls birthday cake for tomorrow, Nick was not in the mood, and Karl and I were in a fight. Poor Jim and Lynnelle and Malia…it was all a disaster. I went to bed, hoping to feel better in the morning.

Thinking about it now, I think the reason I was SO upset, is that I was SO happy to see my parents. I was SO excited to get some Johnnys, and the kids were happy too. Karl’s anger kind of ruined that whole memory for me. I know it meant so much to my mom and dad.

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