IKEA and Jim Gaffigan!

So we got tickets for the Swedish Christmas Julbord back in like October. THEN we got tickets for Jim Gaffigan the same night. SO it became a whole thing. We had tickets for the four of us to go to dinner. I arranged with Malia to come get the kids and do sleepover.

We went to IKEA, and waited in a line for like 30 minutes. It was terrible.

IMG_8788.JPG IMG_8789.JPG

Then the food was also. terrible.


Amazing sweet wonderful Malia came and grabbed the kids. Then we headed up to the show.


We parked in a garage a couple of blocks away, and ended up loosing a knife because we didn’t want to walk back to the car.

 BUT we were there!


And yes there was a CHILD seated behind us that was the ABSOLUTE WORST. And yes, the seats were pretty high, but it was a really great show.


Our view:

IMG_8793.JPG IMG_8798.JPG

It was a packed house. This guy is making money hand over first.

IMG_0975.JPG IMG_8801.JPG

We headed home. No kids.

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