Slumber Party and a Christmas Recital

I am not sure if I mentioned that Malia is a lovely saint. SO it turned out that ALL of the kids stayed at her house last night. It was a huge cousins slumber party! AND guess who didn’t get any sleep because of it? Yep, Malia. AND WHO was up early with all of the kids making them a fabulous breakfast of pancakes? Malia. WHO had a Chirstmas recital to perform in that very day?? Malia. I mean look at these loved and well looked after children.

IMG_8802.JPG IMG_8803.JPG
IMG_8804.JPG IMG_8805.JPG
IMG_8808.JPG IMG_8809.JPG
IMG_8806.JPG IMG_8807.JPG

Well reseted parent.


Auntie Betsy:

IMG_8813.JPG IMG_8814.JPG

Trying to get the kids to take a picture after they got dress…not happening.


Flash forward, Malia’s recital was in a cool old Chapel in Salt Lake Valley somewhere. It was decorated in a very lovely way, and there were many great performances. Her old friend Cory was there. It was nice to see him.  Not to mention SIX squirmy children who hadn’t slept well the night before, unable to be calm.

IMG_8816.JPG IMG_8817.JPG
IMG_8820.JPG  IMG_8821.JPG

Well rested parents. A couple of jerks.


Squirmy children.

IMG_8822.JPG IMG_8823.JPG

Malia’s turn came and she sang wonderfully well. I was VERY proud to call her my sister.


Unfortunately, there were the squirmy children. And there was also a grumpy man sitting in front of us. WHO eventually asked us to leave. I will say, that the kids were not being THAT loud, just moving around a lot. BUT he couldn’t handle it, so not wanting to make a scene, I took Lucas and the girls out.

This crazy, old, hodge podge of a building had an elevator! So we road it up and down a few times.


We then found the nursery toy closet, and it was unlocked! There was another parent there with his child. This kept the kids occupied for about 30 minutes. Betsy showed up at one point, then went back, and we ended up in the foyer.

IMG_8831.JPG IMG_8832.JPG
IMG_8837.JPG IMG_8833.JPG

At least I got to see Malia.

After the recital we went to lunch at DP cheese steaks. It was nice.

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