Moving KP to Mom’s

After going to lunch at DP cheese steak, we went up to Sugar house to help Krystin take a load to Mom and Dad’s place, because she was about to become the care taker.



The first time I had ever been inside Krystin’s home of 2 years in Salt Lake, would also be the last time.



We loaded up her car and the the entire back of the Mini Van.

IMG_8842.JPG IMG_8841.JPG

We got to mom and Dad’s place, and get unloaded. Then we took apart the bed in the upstairs room. All of the hard wear.


Mean while…


There were hooks all over the walls from the previous owner, so Krystin just used one…



We were on the phone with Dad the whole time we were moving in, when he heard there was snow on the ground, he asked me to take a picture of Mirah in the snow.

IMG_8848.JPG IMG_8847.JPG

KP will move the rest of her things in later next week.

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