Medieval Times

Our last night in Chicago was a pretty amazing one. And we weren’t really in Chicago. 
We were in a Castle at Medieval Times!

We were in the Red and Yellow section. 

Mirah’s nap was cut short, so she was having a hard time. 
We shopped for sundries, as we waired for dinner. I wanted to get her a princesses wreath to wear, Karl had other ideas. 
This was a chioce that is haunting me today, while Mirah points this thing in my face.
She loves it. 
The call to dinner!

My place setting. 
Our land. 
The MC

Our Knight.

The king!
I love that his cape has a crown on it. 
Mirah Cheered them on!
The falconry was really great. Almost as good as Hogel Zoo’s bird show. 
No silverware for dinner. 
Mirah didn’t seem to mind. 

The knight was so taken by her beauty, that she was awarded this favor, and became the Queen of the Tournament!

We were so excited. She was just cool to hold it. 

Epic battels, jousts, and bad guys were taken down. We drove back exhausted and happy. SUCH a great way to end our trip. 

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