Museum of Science and Industry

For breakfast on Friday we went to Valois!
It is a famous place in the area. It is a place that everyone eats, students, vagrants, tourists, and senators. 
Just like former Senator Obama. 
There was even a menu section named after him. It is actually in his old neighborhood. 
We went shopping while in one of the nicer neighborhoods we visited. 
I got some sun glasses, Mirah tried on some Moon Boots.
We drove past president Obama’s House. 
Isn’t it lovely?
Wait, there it is:
OK the one on the right. 
Next stop: The Museum of Science and Industry. 
Right off the Lake. 
a seriously MASSIVE building. It housed the worlds fair of 1893.
High wheeler bike parking. 
Our first stop was the Disney Treasures Exhibit. 
Leaned a little about Walt.
Then learned about the first comic turned movie!
This was bonkers. 

The exhibit has some awesome stuff, like BOTH the cinderella and sleeping beauty story books, THE ORIGINALS GUYS.

Maryn WISHES she had Mary Poppin’s ACTUALLY carpet bag.
This story board form Mary Poppins. 

Actual costumes, and deleted scene. 
The building of Disneyland.

Fun part of the exhibit was the Animation Academy. We learned to draw Mickey AND Donald.

This place was just massive. 

Train set of Chicago. 

Took a little break at an old time Ice Cream Parlor. 

Then we went on a coal mine tour. 

Mirah’s favorite stop was the Chick Hatchery. 
Just hatched.

Inside a plane!

Ok, I take it back, this was her favorite exhibit. 

Soooo many smiles.

Wind tunnel!

They had a BODIES type exhibit. Really interesting. 

All of the veins. 
Sliced person. 
Playing with shadow.
These things were all over the place. We made one on our way down to see…

The Sub marine! 

Yes that is an entire SUB, inside a building. They built around it. 
My favorite part of this one was the propaganda posters.

Down Periscope!, AND Mirah’s shirt.
Finally, the Space section, with the Apollo 8 reentry pod. 

Got some astronaut ice cream, and then the museum was closing, so we had to go!

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