Odgen Christmas Village

After weeks of coordination, we all made it to the Ogden Christmas village. Shena lived in Ogden when she was a kid. She had been telling us about it forever, and offered it as an alternative to temple square. It was a park in Ogden, full of little houses, set up in fun different ways, with different themes etc.






You will see.


After braving traffic for an hour, we made it. It was a chilly night, and I was still worried about Lucas.

IMG_8934.JPG IMG_8935.JPG

Some of the houses:

IMG_8936.JPG IMG_8937.JPG

There were lots of Photo ops.

IMG_8938.JPG IMG_8939.JPG
IMG_8940.JPG IMG_8942.JPG

And the deeper into the park we went, the prettier the lights got.

IMG_8943.JPG IMG_8944.JPG

One of our favorite places was this bank with a little mouse problem.

IMG_8945.JPG IMG_8949.JPG


IMG_8946.JPG IMG_8948.JPG

More cute little houses.

IMG_8954.JPG IMG_8955.JPG IMG_8956.JPG
IMG_8953.JPG IMG_8957.JPG


IMG_8958.JPG IMG_8964.JPG




IMG_8959.JPG IMG_8960.JPG
IMG_8962.JPG IMG_8963.JPG

We got some coco and cookies and got in line to meet Santa!

IMG_8966.JPG IMG_8967.JPG

SC Santa Clause.


IMG_8969.JPG IMG_8968.JPG
IMG_8970.JPG IMG_8971.JPG

His beard was amazing. He was really sweet too.

IMG_8972.JPG IMG_8973.JPG
IMG_8974.JPG IMG_8975.JPG


IMG_8976.JPG IMG_8977.JPG





IMG_8980.JPG IMG_8982.JPG

Last thing of the night:

Ride the train!

IMG_8989.JPG IMG_8991.JPG
IMG_8983.JPG IMG_8984.JPG
IMG_8986.JPG IMG_8987.JPG




IMG_8993.JPG IMG_8994.JPG


IMG_8995.JPG IMG_8997.JPG




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