Singer’s Company Performance One

Mirah has been really enjoying her time in her weekly singing group. It’s called singer’s company. They are closed rehearsals, so I haven’t really seen or heard any of the songs that Mirah will be singing. We joined up with the group because my buddy Devanie’s daughter Aftyn is a member, and we wanted the girls to have something fun to do together on the regular.

We got an email a month ago, reminding us about the two shows the girls would be doing, with a picture of what they were hoping for the hair styles…

A Halfback, with ringlets.


Mirah just has SO SO SO much hair. I have never attempted ringlets before. I needed a lesson. Krysta came over with hair spray and a curling iron. What would I do without her?

This was the result of our first attempt:

IMG_8999.JPG IMG_9001.JPG
IMG_9002.JPG IMG_9004.JPG

The day of the big show had arrived. It was at the was at a nice senior living home in Provo.

Here is my less good, but still pretty good effort, with Mirah all ready.

IMG_9052.JPG IMG_9053.JPG
IMG_9054.JPG IMG_9055.JPG
IMG_9056.JPG IMG_9058.JPG

What a perfect lovely little beauty.

We were all a little bit early, so we had time for a photo shoot before the show arrived:

IMG_9059.JPG IMG_9060.JPG
IMG_9062.JPG IMG_9063.JPG
IMG_9064.JPG IMG_9065.JPG

These are outside in the sun, they were struggling, so we went inside.

IMG_9066.JPG IMG_9067.JPG
IMG_9068.JPG IMG_9069.JPG
IMG_9070.JPG IMG_9071.JPG
IMG_9072.JPG IMG_9073.JPG

There were these little sitting rooms near the entrance where we took some more pictures.

IMG_9077.JPG IMG_9074.JPG

My sweethearts.

IMG_9075.JPG IMG_9076.JPG
IMG_9078.JPG IMG_9079.JPG

We road the elevator up to the big room where we would be performing for the seniors.


After helping with some set up, the show was about to begin!

It’s called, “When Christmas Comes to Town.”

IMG_9082.JPG IMG_9083.JPG

Their are girls from kindergarten to 6th grade. The big girls have the best stage presences, and speak the most clearly, so they started the show:

Haha. Cuties.

For We Need A Little Christmas

Guess what? Santa Comes!

Solo time. Mirah has a solo in the next performance. So cute. Present dancing!

Inside the boxes were so cute hats!

IMG_9088.JPG IMG_9089.JPG

This one is my favorite. In the Snow.



Then the older girls did a bag dance.

IMG_9091.JPG IMG_9092.JPG


I was annoyed the whole time, I couldn’t see Mirah!!

IMG_9093.JPG IMG_9094.JPG

Dance Time!


Santa Claus is coming to town!

IMG_9098.JPG IMG_9099.JPG

Mirah had a blast. What a cute, talented, lovely, sweet, funny, smart, good, wonderful girl!

IMG_9103.JPG IMG_9104.JPG
IMG_9105.JPG IMG_9106.JPG

We grabbed a pic with Miss Camille on our way out.

IMG_9108.JPG IMG_9109.JPG



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